The buildings at 212 Rome Street (“212 Rome”) occupy 69,000 square feet on an approximately 3-acre industrial site located in the center

of the Ironbound community in Newark, NJ. The property at 212 Rome is located adjacent to public amenities such the Ironbound Recreational Center (aquatic center, track and field). It is adjacent to elevated truck Route 1 and 9, a freight rail right of way, and to other industrial businesses along Rome and Christie Streets. The site is a few blocks away from the Ferry Street retail corridor.


RBH Group is redeveloping the 212 Rome site into a sustainable “Makers Village” with an anchor tenant, AeroFarms, an aeroponic farm that grows leafy greens, herbs and some flowers in a controlled environment. Upon full build-out, Aerofarms will grow up to 2 million pounds per year of leafy greens in an environmentally controlled, safe and sanitary facility at the 212 Rome site. It will be the largest indoor aeroponic farm in the world, providing healthy foods to the local community as well as to other markets. AeroFarms will employ and engage residents in growing locally-sourced produce in an urban area, thus serving as a model for year-round sustainable farming world-wide. A component of the project is intended to include a greenmarket where produce will be for sale to local residents and to other farm markets in the City.


Within the 212 Rome Street “Makers Village,” AeroFarms will bring environmentally safe, entrepreneurial and green manufacturing to the

Ironbound, satisfying unmet needs identified through years of local planning and market analysis. It incorporates sustainable development

objectives, which may include:


•  Energy efficiency through on-site generation of energy, including possibly installation of solar panels and use of sustainably sourced

    construction and manufacturing materials


•  Re-use of the vacant lands adjacent to the adjoining Conrail Right-of-way for use as a public open space for recreation, and for

    community food-based events


•  Sustainable manufacturing through using no pesticides or fertilizers, and recycling water, minimizing water use.

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