RBH Group offers an array of real estate and management services through its affiliates,

RBH Project and RBH Management.

RBH group

RBH Group secures financing for real estate projects. Through its access to private capital, equity and conventional debt financing and intimate knowledge of the current range of available public investments for real estate development, RBH Group brings all available resources to ensure a project's financial viability, minimizing risk for its investors and ensuring projects get developed.


RBH Group has demonstrated experience in underwriting and financing tax credits and other public investments through employing the public private partnership model in emerging urban markets. RBH Group recently secured over $150 million from diverse public and private sources, including tax credits, construction and revenue bonds, and low interest loans to support redevelopment of the 400,000 square foot mixed-use Teachers Village project in downtown Newark.


This effort involved working with federal, state and local leadership and closing deals by securing over 20 board approvals to finance the project. As one component of this process, the Teachers Village project received the largest Urban Hub Transit Tax Credit allocation in the State of New Jersey, and what is believed to be the largest New Market Tax Credit transaction in the program's inception.


RBH Project manages all predevelopment, construction, renovation and reporting associated with development projects. Specifically, RBH Project:


•  Undertakes all predevelopment activities required for entitling, permitting and securing approvals for real estate development, including

    environmental assessments, remediation, regulatory evaluations, historic preservation, site plans, and other approvals at the Federal,

    State and local levels.


•  Oversees all project bidding, engineering, architecture, and the entire design and pre-construction process.


•  Maintains documentation and compliance reporting for all levels of public and private investment, regulatory and other required project

    management tasks.


•  Manages the construction process, from consultant and contractor selection and oversight, union/workforce negotiations and

    compliance, to day-to-day construction management/owner’s rep services. The RBH Project team has managed over 4 million square

    feet of residential and commercial construction in the tri-state region.


•  Undertakes capital improvements of commercial, residential and industrial buildings, substantially upgrading services, amenities and



•  Repurposes commercial and industrial properties for new, innovative and community-oriented uses such as charter schools and light

    industrial centers, which in turn bring vitality and economic development to the urban core.


RBH Management provides complementary services to RBH Project in the areas of project management, asset management and property

management, including:


•  Enhancing and maintaining portfolio assets by ensuring facilities, systems, infrastructure and investments are upgraded and maintained

    to high standards.


•  Serving as responsible property managers, collecting rents and managing property finances and responding to tenants’ concerns, while

    undertaking timely building maintenance and maximizing investors’ return on investment.

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